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Integrated Care: People, Practice, Policy

There is a lot of talk about integration and mental health… but what does this mean to mental health nurses in clinical practice, in research, in education, policy and in management? What does it mean to you? We can consider integration from a range of perspectives - from the idea of ‘integrated care’, for example, the integration of physical and mental health care, of integrated services (e.g. integrating mental health and AOD services), or of broader integration, including health, housing and education - which implies policy integration and shared responsibility for improving the wellbeing of the population.


When it’s done well, we know integration improves accessibility and affordability, reduces fragmentation, improves efficiency and prevents duplication of services; it requires creativity and innovation - qualities that we know mental health nurses possess. This conference will explore the concept of integration - what is it, where we are up to, what the barriers and enablers are, and what the vision should be.


Keynotes will challenge us with their ideas around how we move towards a more integrated system across all areas of practice; and concurrent speakers will be provided with the opportunity to share with us their experience of mental health and mental health nursing - considering the topic of integration, but also a range of interesting relevant sub-themes. 


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